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[z92] Yahoogroup
These pages discuss the topics and the policies of the [z92] Yahoogroup information on subscribing and unsubscribing, common problems, and some general info on how other matters are handled.
Topic of this list

This list is the official mailing list of the Z Club 92 members, however, it is also opened to non-members.
The list is meant for technical discussions regarding Model Railroading with Z-Scale model trains.
New products presentation and discussions about the complete Z-World are welcome, such as private layout presentations, fair reports and discussion about models.


This Yahoo group and the webpages concerning the mailinglist are not commercial, however, private marketing is accepted. The main purpose of this list is to help Z-scale enthusiasts all over the world communicate a bit easier.

Even if this list is not moderated, this is a technical list and so problematical threads are not welcome, permitted or accepted. Anyone who is found flaming on the list against the club, the producers, and/or any other member of the Club will be banned. If you feel the necessity to flame against anyone send a private email.

The list maintainers are not responsible for anything that might happen to you, your computer system, or your mailbox when you use this list. It's a privilege, not a right. The mailinglist is not censored in any form.

This is a small, but not exhaustive, list of what not to do on this list, so we can keep the quality of the messages sent at a high level.

  • forget to send "Not available" message when you are out for holiday
  • very short messages like "yes I do", or "me too". When you sent something, first check it relevance for other people on this list. If that's not the case, send a message to the person in private.
  • messages with large quoted parts. When you reply, only leave the essential parts in, most of the subscribers have already read the message you reply to. Please don't include the complete digest, it's a waste of bandwidth.

How to use the list
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