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Z Club 92 takes part to the most major fairs in Germany. At the fairs we plan a special Zelt, called the Z Club 92-Zelt under which we are proud to invite our members and every Z-Bahner to a table in front for a cup of coffee.
At the fairs we always have a 15-20 square meter booth. Here, we display large Z layouts and a lot of new items in display cases. During the fairs there is always a special meeting. The [zclub92] Mailing List Treffen. Every day at every fair in which we participate, subscribers of the free mailing-list meet together at 1:00 PM. Experience has shown that most subscribers visit the fairs and the meetings before the weekend.

Do not miss these events, and come visit us!

Below you will find the links to fairs or the respective sponsoring organizations, so that you are able to check the facilities.
Please check on our mailing list for our planned participation.

WARNING: Some of these links only work near the actual fair dates.

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