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Z Club 92-Enjoy it is a non profit club that was formed to answer the lack of information about the Z Scale Model Railroading. Started at first as Z Club Italia, it grew to include Germany, and now the Club is open to the Z Scale Fans all over the World. Thanks to the Z-Info, the Z-News bulletins, and this Web Site, the Club is now able to provide Z Scale Fans with the most up to date and accurate information available. Since 1995 in addition to Z Club 92-Enjoy-it, we have operated another company: the Z Club 92-Shop or Z-Shop. The Z-Shop is a "non-profit" company and was set up as a partial answer to the difficulty of obtaining Z scale accessories, or limited-series products.
In this way we hope to help the Z-Market to mature, helping first, all Z-Fans to obtain a larger selection of Z-items on the market, and second, to help the small series producers, which are normally unable to contact a market large enough to continue their Z-scale products offerings.


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