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The download section is almost always the most intriguing area of any site where one may often find interesting, or quite simply appealing items; whatever the case, it’s always a pleasure to surf there.
And this is why we are dedicating more space to these pages, and we hope that your support will help us to build and improve our list of “ITEMS”.

® Copyright:
Unfortunately the very nature of Internet is such that files protected by copyright may be unwittingly published here.
All the same it is easy to imagine just how difficult it is for us to filter all the information that reaches us.
In any case we guarantee that none of the files is manipulated by us in any way, except for being given an antivirus scan. In the instance of shareware or demo files, information on the proprietors will nevertheless be available.

To send files, comments or "copyright-rebukes" e-mail us at service@zclub92.com

Z Club 92
here you can download files on examples of the services offered by Z Club 92, a copy of Z-Info magazine as well as registration forms in .pdf format which you can distribute, thus contributing to the growth of the club.
the name speaks for itself in describing the contents of this section; we can only add that
the photos published are those you have sent in to us believing them to be of interest, so, if you do not have your own homepage, you can ask us for help.
we have collected a few sounds which may be downloaded and used to enhance your layout with the help of an audio digital recorder.
Thanks to recent IT developments in the digital video sector it is easy to make home movies. If you have had a go, send us your efforts.
Here you can find all the programs and files you have sent in to us. A typical
example is the software program used to construct ZTRAX tracks.
Have you created Fonts, icons or anything weird and wonderful? This section is the best one for listing all those undefinable documents which generally defy categorization.

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