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This is a very special section!

Z Club 92 offers to every Z-Friend (not only the Members of the Club) the possibility to work together to the special Modul Standard project. it means that if you are planning to build a layout or a Modul we suggest you to use our standard so that you will be able to join us at the most important fairs to exhibit your artwork. Participants will be entitled to win one of the Märklin exclusive car made to promote this action.

Z Club 92 is present with a Booth at the major fairs in Germany.
In the Meetings page we show a schedule of all of these activities. When possible, we also print a report of the fairs or we link to it

The Z Club 92 offers to those who have realized an official Advertising Car, manufactured by Märklin or MTL, the following unique service: The car and the related information is published free of cost on this page.

Wanna be an Active Member?

We are looking for responsible for regional Z-Market or Z meetings.
Send us an email at service@zclub92.com describing what you wish to do.

We will support you!

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