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Club Train
During the tenth anniversary of Z Club 92 the idea was born to realize an extraordinary item instead of the common annual car like in the past. What should be better for that than a complete and optically outstanding train? With this the members are able to demonstrate their participation in an exclusively circle of Z friends.
The membership decided to realize a track-maintenance-train of the Mittelweserbahn. (Prototype: www.mittelweserbahn.de)
If you look closer at the prototype, you will see that much effort is necessary to properly maintain the track. Many maintenance trains are used for this purpose. The maintenance-train by Z Club 92 should help to avoid troubles in the Z world that are also observed in real world. Caused by neglect of track-maintenance, some lines in Germany were closed by the Federal Board of Control for Railways to guarantee the safety of railroad operations.

The project starts with a flat car and a box car for the memberships of the years 2002 and 2003.
For the year 2004 the members receive the locomotive shell. The loco shell is available to members that subscribe to minimum 5 years from 2002 to 2011. Instead of the Loco shell a different car made by the Club will be supplied.
From year 2005 onwards every year will come another car of this train as annual club car, untill the train will be completed. Depending upon personal needs for the model railway facility, individual vehicles can be ordered additionally by the members.

Club Car

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